A. Pre-inspection by experienced, qualified gutter installation experts.
B. Apply for and obtain building and ARB permits in accordance with local codes.
C. Install lightweight, removable debris trailer with rubber tires to protect driveway or other debris removal system as needed.
D. Cover decks, shrubs and yard as needed.
E. Post acquired building and ARB permits in visible location if required.

A. Remove old gutters if needed.
B. Inspect for rotten or deteriorated wood and replace as necessary.
C. Re-nail and secure any loose existing wood.
D. Inspect metal flashings as needed.

A. Thoroughly clean area.
B. Install premium grade gutter system.
C. Fasteners will be non-corrosive and will be installed to meet hurricane
D. Inspect for proper installation and confirm.

A. Provide continuous job-site clean up.
B. Magnetically sweep job-site for any loose nails or metal objects.
C. Pick up and haul away all job-related debris to an approved disposal facility.

A. A deposit of 50% is required upon signing contract.
B. The deposit is required before posting of permits, delivery of materials and starting job.
C. Scheduling of work to revolve around homeowner’s request or ASAP.
D. Workmanship warranty as applicable from Premier.
E. All warranties are transferable.

A. Inspect the job with homeowner for complete satisfaction of roofing system.
B. Present detailed invoice and receive final payment.
C. Manufacturers’ warranty will arrive within 30 days of roof completion as applicable.


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